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The safety operations headed by UAE resolved the fire in a trice at the Jebel Ali Port

A fire that broke out on Wednesday, July 7, 2021, on the container ship “Ocean Trader” which shook the commercial hub of the United Arab Emirates, Jebel Ali Port, has had swift safety operations carried out by UAE as part of a systematic and rapid response. The fire unleashed a shock wave through the city, shaking buildings and windows in neighbourhoods about 25 kilometres from the port. The extent of damage caused to the sprawling port and surrounding cargo could not be calculated immediately.

On the forefront of the rescue mission were the DP World, UAE Region team, the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority and personnel from the Dubai Civil Defence and the Dubai Police. The ship’s crew was evacuated first with the help of UAE safety personnel. The rescue team also made sure that there were no radioactive materials on the ship. This immediate fire rescue was the result of years of pro-active planned preparation in developing world-class infrastructure in the ports and marine facilities in the UAE. The early warning systems and immediate communication with civil defence teams and the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority played a crucial role in preventing the fire from instigating more damage.

Due to the timely intervention, the logistics and operational facilities of Jebel Ali Port have not suffered any damage, and the accident has not affected the movement of ships due to its distance from the main shipping line and the water channel in the port. The Maritime Department at the Ministry continues to work efficiently for gaining insights and chart out a blueprint in coordination with the relevant international authorities to intensify precautionary measures.

The prime importance given to safety makes UAE eligible to hold the title of being a leading maritime centre in the region and around the globe.

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