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Stepping up your safety rules as an employee!

Shared responsibility and communication is the key to managing a safe working environment. What else adds to the protection?

  • Maintaining a perfect body posture: Be it a desk job or the one that requires physical effort, this elevates the energy of an individual on a whole. Keeping your back straight at all times, can do you more good than swooping over. Choosing the perfect machinery for helping you with your work can speed up things.

  • Keep yourself informed about your surrounding: Knowing and recognising every nook and corner of your workplace, can help you avoid workplace hazards intentionally. This will prevent dangerous situations from arising.

  • Ensure proper functioning of your machineries: Never resort to shortcuts while dealing with machinery. Refer the instructions properly and follow it accordingly. Choose the right tool and work it the right way.

  • Learn about the new safety products and machineries in your company: Make yourself aware about any purchases of new machines by your company and learn the basics of it's working and add to your knowledge. You need to ensure that you understand the new safety procedures properly before you implement them.

  • Take breaks: Continuos working can increase the stress on your muscles and can negatively affect your mental health. For better productivity, an employee should be healthy both physically and mentally. Taking breaks will refresh you and help you be more alert.

  • Always wear personal protective equipment: Ensuring your own safety, by not compromising on taking care of yourself reflects on your work. Wear your PPE wherever you're at your workplace. No matter how simple the work can be, it's important that you take extra care from your side to avoid petty accidents.

The employees along with the supervision from the employers on their safety helps building up their workforce in a safer environment can reduce the risks while working, thereby improving and utilising the potential of the company to the maximum.

Safety first!

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